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Catzware (pronounced caz-wear) is a non-profit software development company located in New Port Richey, Florida, USA. We are focused on the development and distribution of a variety of different categories of software, all of which are available to download for free right from our website. Our name comes from the made up word “Catz” and the ending of software, thus forming Catzware.

Founded by Justin Graziano and opened in mid 2006, for our first couple of months we developed software for both Windows and the Mac. In early to mid 2007, after limited success with our Mac programs, we began focusing more on Windows development and had planned on porting our programs to Linux as well but, after the release and large success of Image Xplorer Lite on Windows, we decided to scrap the Linux idea and end Mac development completely, making all new versions of our programs available exclusively on Windows operating systems. In late 2013, we announced new plans to begin porting some of our more popular programs to the Mac.

As of 2016, we have a total of six (current and not cancelled) programs: Numbaz, Simple Notes, Talking Alphabet, DownIMG, Clipboard Pimper and Kamerah. Our newest program is Kamerah, released in August ’13, which is a utility that allows you to record videos from your webcam and save them on your computer.

Executive Team

  1. 1.Justin Graziano (President)

  2. 2.Vacant (Vice President) [RIP Paul Clarke]

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Founder and President, Justin Graziano

Catzware is dedicated to Nick the cat who passed away in 2001.